Signage – Lighting a Lightbox

LED Module - for backlighting lightboxes

The issue

Illuminating a Light box correctly.  Unlike florescent tubes, LEDs are mounted on a flat surface projecting light forward like a torch, in a beam as a cone.  Commonly 120 degrees, and more concentrated in the centre.

To correctly light a sign you require cross over of light, without to much light in total.  ‘Hot’ spots and dead areas are common.   LED specifications are often misleading, with the important details missing, complicating the process from purchase to installation. Consequently, using LEDs to illuminate a lightbox can be a hit and miss, experiment, wasting time and money. Getting the volume and characteristics of the LEDs right is often not achievable without someone with the experience to advise and support you.

Not all modules are equal.

Our 4035W1B module has a consistent 170 degree even illumination on a flat surface, achieved becuase of it’s low profile, and special lens in conjunction with a ‘quality’ Cree chip which illuminates around the outside, (not the top).  Look at the second picture to see how flat and even the beam is.

So what does all this mean.

  • No need to do the research- Weve already done that and selected what we believe are the best ‘fit-for-purpose’ Sign Lighting modules on the Australian market
  • Back-light a single sided lightbox without any variance in the surface illumination, from just 6cm deep.
  • Fewer modules when lighting a lightbox. A one-meter square Light Box requires a minimum of just 16 modules, even with darker coloured artwork.
  • Retrofit most double-sided light box’s, so you dont have to remove the internal framing. Achieved by installing modules on both sides of flatbar aluminium, secured through the centre of the light box.
  • If the framing can be safely removed, you can opt for ‘Edge-lighting’ or ‘side lighting’ modules (call us to discuss).

These pictures are a 2400 X 900mm box (spaced at 20cm). The second one shows just how shallow and consistent the light coverage is:

Sign Lighting Australia 4035W1B Light box module
The best 12V module you can use for backlighting a Light Box
With a special lens coupled with 200 Lumens you get consistent light so no hotspots
See how low and even the light spread is

To us, selling is as much about Service

We provide options, variables and advice on Illuminating a Light box.  We quote what you require, (we don’t sell by the bag), and this includes a matched LED Driver – All components are backed by our 5-year Australia wide guarantee. Rest assured, we have sold well in excess of 50,000 of these modules, with 100 percent positive feedback.

Your top draw can now be used for something more constructive than mismatched and obsolete LEDs that you paid for.

We preconfigure each LED module purchase with soldered joins and tails back to the driver at no charge.  This saves time and money when installing, while improving relability.  Each kit is accompanied with a layout diagram, and labels, keeping life simple, efficient and clean.

  1. Don’t purchase from disposal outlets like ebay and Amazon, where factory seconds are dumped by brokers and traders parading as factory salespeople with no physical presence.
  2. We specify the beam angles, so we can provide the correct number of units for complete and consistent cover of the surface
  3. Know your chips are powered correctly – The same chip can be manufactured brighter simply by using a different resistor – over powering it.  Ours are all set for longevity and reliability over straight Lumens output.
  4. Know the reliability – tested with true long life sales experience, and a trusted Australian based supplier.
  5. Our white chips are 6000K +-500, so that your LEDs always presents as white and above 90 percent CRI.
  6. We have an extensive range of LED strips & modules, so can guide you on which product is best suited to your application as apposed to floging what we stock.
  7. Are an Australian business, since 1991 so our guarantee is solid.

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