LED strips 4mm Rigid – the slimline series.  Engineered and manufactured for commercial applications where reliability is essential.     This range is used for two major supply contracts –  Hungry Jacks Order and Pick Up signs and IGA check out units.  But, You can use them too.  Like all of our Rigid strips, these are manufactured using FR4 PCB despite being just 4mm wide.   Each strip has 45 Epistar Chips – 90 per meter and they can be cut or joined every 3 Chips.  Current draw just 360mAmps per strip, which is low and they are available with 5 different colors of LED – Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and white (6000k).

LED strips 4mm Rigid – slimline series are all supplied with wire tails at and one end, and solder pads at the other, so joining by soldering is a simple and reliable process.  Each strip has 3M high-performance double-sided adhesive on the back, so they stay stuck, where you stick them.  Because our Rigid LED strips – Slimline are manufactured to the highest standards, they are supported with our 5-year warranty.  For ongoing updates on our whole product range-  Click here to follow us on FB

When purchasing LEDs, we can also match your order to the most appropriate LED Power Supply.  For information about our full range of LED products, click here

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They measure 496mm X 10mm long with 45 X 3528 diode LEDs per 496mm,

They can be cut every three chips, and soldered together for longer applications

For full specifications:  Spec sheet- Rigid strips

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