We manufacture LED wiring harnesses to order


LEDs-Prewired for a quick and easy install.   We now provide a number of our clients with pre wired LEDs.  The wiring harnesses are ready for install into their own fabrications and architecture. Our LEDs- Prewired and LED Drivers, light thousands of ATMs across Australasia,  Various Displays in the likes of DJ’s, and Myers, including the Nespresso display stands and a large number of traditional Light Box’, to name just a few.

Working closely with our suppliers we carry a comprehensive range of specialist 12V LED modules.  Ready to be wired into an appropriate configuration, and ready for you to install, we will to save you on time, holding costs, specialist employment and training.

We stand behind our quality and efficient turn around times while no job is too big, or to small.  Let us help you achieve  a cost effective LED lighting solution.

We will match the harness to the most appropriate Australian Standards Approved LED Driver, including Waterproof up to 200Watts.

If we cant stand behind it, we wont sell it

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