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Edge-Lighting Units – Component sales

Building Your Own Lighting Units

This also applies to older units, (usually those that had Florescent lighting systems), where upgrading is being considered.


The purchase of Edge-Lighting components is the perfect solution for users with high-volume  Edge-lit signage sales. There are a number of crafts people and sign makers in Australia who would benefit from holding their own parts on-site.  This provides the flexibility to build lighting units using the best materials on the market, without having to order in specifically.  We supply our lighting systems at the component level, where it just makes sense to do so.


At the Edge-Lighting components level you have a number of options:

  • 3 very different extrusions  along with colour choice, end caps, and internal components
  • 12 different LED colors.  Both the Super Bright and colour-changing LEDs, or our economy range for smaller signs.
  • RGB controllers that fit inside the extrusions and a single colour on/off dimmer.
  • Mounting fixtures for ceiling mount and feet for standing signs.
  • Electrical components and wall adapters. Our wall adapters can be fitted with a 90-degree plug for discretion.  Our range are all Australian Safety compliant.

Talk to us about your specific situation: Edge-Lighting component purchasing or we can simply manufacture what you need RTU.  The choice is yours.

here is the guide on how to assemble the artwork to the lighting unit. Edge-lit assembly -SLA