25mm Stand offs for Edge-lighting Acrylic


LED-Lit standoff pegs are the ideal way to light a wall-mounted Acrylic sign.   Reception areas, foyers, and walls providing a seamless, clean, and aesthetically pleasant look.

We hold stocks of this quality solid aluminium LED-Lit standoff peg that measure 25 X 25mm.  They are available with Red, Blue, Green, or white LEDs.  Our pegs are sold as a kit, (2, 4, or 6 pegs) complete with connectors and a matched ERAC (SAA) compliant power adapter, so they are safe and easy to use.  They will take an acrylic blade from 6mm through to 12, so are also very versatile.

If you want to discuss any element involving their use, please call us.  We have used these in a number of installs ourselves so have a good level of experience and knowledge.  We can even help if you want to mix the colors etc of the LED-Lit standoff set.

If your sign requires more substantial lighting, then you should consider using one of our Edge-lit extrusions- click here

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Additional Information:

Kits are supplied in either 2, 4, or 6 pegs and each kit is supplied with a Standards Australian Approved power supply, and low voltage connectors.

Each Stand off produces 36-42 lumens from it’s edge emiting LEDs

Designed for Acrylic from 6mm to 12mm thick

Hole size 20mm diameter

Fixings will vary depending on the installation.

Covered by our 5-year warranty