The EDGE-LIT POS Stand was introduced as a cheap and versatile battery-powered Edge-lighting unit for table use.  It is anufactured from ABS, so it’s light and ideal for small projects, point of sale, information or specification display stands.


It’s available in two configurations-

  • Battery powered – requires either 3 X AAA rechargeable or dry cell batteries, not included.
  • ‘Power adapter’ powered – the unit uses a 5VDC wall adapter. The wall adaptor is included.

Black in colour, with the choice of Red, Blue, Green LEDs.

The EDGE-LIT POS Stand accepts 3mm thick acrylic.  For more photos click here: more photos

Instructions on how to cut the acrylic and marry it to the lighting unit is included under the ‘More info’ tab

For projects that require more substantial lighting, click here – our Mini Edge-lit unit.  These are tailor-made for the intended fit for purpose

Additional Information:

POS blade measurements

Battery operated. An on / off switch on the underside and will run for 20 hrs on one set of standard alcoline batteries.

Power-operated. Has a small Bulkhead connector on the rear side and is supplied with an SAA (ERAC) compliant Wall adaptor.

Light throw is sufficient to light a laser engraved blade up to 250mm from the light source and is easily read, under artificial lighting (shop lighting).

If your sign is larger,  then we suggest opting for either our mini or standard light units, complete with larger more powerful LEDs