We manufacture LED wiring harnesses to order


How does your LED supplier sell you your LEDs- By the bag?  We can supply your LEDs – Prewired for a quick, easy, and cost-effective install.

A number of our customers use this service to save both time and money.

The LEDs are configured in our LED Preparation shop, prior to dispatch so that they arrive ready to install.  No adding leads – you simply fit the LEDs – Prewired into your fabrication, architecture, lightbox, or project.   For regular updates on project work, click to follow us on FB 

We stock a comprehensive range of specialist LED modules, strip lighting, LED accessories, and wire, all ready to be fitted,  before being packed and shipped.  We can also supply you with layout advice for you to install.

For quality combined with an efficient turn around time, contact us.  We provide a cost-effective solution and match it to the correct Australian Standards Approved LED Driver.

If we can’t stand behind it, we won’t sell it

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