Chips are mounted on FB4 Fiberglass to provide the best reliability we can purchase.


SASIGN Manufactures its our own LED Rigid Strips – Economy series because they are more reliable than Flexible strip lighting. FR4 is recognized for superior reliablilty PCB production. These strips have been developed for commercial applications where reliability is required and this range is used extensively in Supermarkets.

With 5 colours available, this range is manufactured to the highest standards.  All strips are supplied with a tail and one end, and solder pads at the other.  Joining them is a quick, simple and a reliable process. They are all supplied with 3M high performance (and insulating) double sided adhesive to ensure that they stay stuck, where you stick them.

Our LED Rigid Strips – Economy series measure 500mm long and 10mm wide.

Coloured strips use an Epistar 3528 LED chip X 30 per strip. Colored strips can be cut/soldered every 5cm or 3 chips and up to 8 strips in seried.

White strips (6000k) use an Epistar 5050 LED chip X 15 per strip. The White strips can be cut/soldered every 10cm, or 3 chips, and up to 8 strips in series

Our Rigid LED strips – Ecomony are manufactured to the highest standards, and thats why they are supported with a 5 year warranty.

If you requirer Brighter LED Strip lighting, then please refer to our Super Bright Range: https://www.signlighting.com.au/product/rigid-led-strips/

We don’t buy on Price, and nor should you

They measure 500mm X 10mm long with 30 X 3528 diode LEDs per 500mm for the coloured strips

They can be cut every three chips, and soldered together for longer applications

For specifications: Spec sheet- Rigid strips

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