We have a dedicated machine shop with two CNC machines:

A vacuum bed and feed through CNC Router which allows us to V cut(3D) letters into acrylic,

A CNC Laser machine with feed though, with an 80 Watt Laser tube, we can get the best compromise between accuracy and power, and is ideal for etching and cutting acrylic up to 12mm thick

We also have a dedicated Vinyl cutter and portable paint booth, so when it comes to manufacturing Edge-lit signs, cutting 3 D letters from acrylic, and other machine services, we can and do.

That means – That as wholesale supplier of the Acrylic Edge – Lighting assembly, we also have a capability to manufacture most edge-lit signs, and save you time and money.

If you do not have either the machines or experience to manufacture your completed Acrylic Edge-lit signs, we do, so talk to us.

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