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Acrylic Edge –  Lighting Units.20141124_114337

Three Edge-lit Lighting unit styles, to suit most Edge-lighting requirements, manufactured to your specified length and supplied complete and ready to use.  They can be wall mounted, stood, or hung each supplied with a choice of LED lighting colors, its matched power supply and an assembly kit.  A detailed assembly guide is also available from our downloads section.

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LED-lit Stand Off Pegs. 20140820_114013

Clear anodized aluminum Stand off pegs are designed to edge light wall mounted signs.  Available in 4 colors and three sizes.

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Waterproof LED Modules.LED Module range

IP 65 rated modules varying in size from 38mm long and 7mm wide (3 chip module – 24 lumens) to 78mm long and 15mm wide, (9 chip module – 72 Lumens- 5 Colors and RGB ) .  Exceptionally wide viewing angles, working temperatures and quality are all built in.   And a 2.8W Module designed specifically for edge-lighting double sided light boxes.  

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RGB Flexible LED Strip lighting.

 Flexible LED strips of various colors, including RGB to cater to most signage lighting uses.  All Flexible strips can be purchased in 5M long rolls and are rated IP 65 and IP67 (Waterproof)

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Rigid LED Strip Lightingsb-5050-led-strips

Rigid strips of various colors and  configurations from just 4mm wide and 90 chips per meter, to meet most non waterproof applications.  Our rigid strips are all made to our specifications to ensure reliability and longevity and measure 500mm long.

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Power Supplysasign-cv-12v-200w

A 12V range from 6 Watts (0.5 amps) wall adapters to 200W (16.6 Amps) waterproof.  All 11 units are Australian Safety compliant , switching type designed and specified to compliment our LED range.  Along with our power supplies are a range of 12V connectors and accessories including controllers and dimmers  to ensure any install is done professionally.  

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20141118_135115 Control Gear

RGB control units to suit most requirements, from a Wall mounted zone controller, Portable remote units, Waterproof units, WiFi (Smartphone) control units and a mini unit. We also stock Repeaters and waterproof Amplifiers  

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Shop Fitting – LED Coverscorner

3 different covers catering for, Corner installs, after market cabinet cabinet, and traditional covers, they can be matched to our LED strip range, or purchased separately in lengths up to 2.0M.   

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Special projects / LED wiring harnessesRubik cube harnesses

 We are regularly employed to produce ready to install LED wiring harnesses and assemblies for LED installs.

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Acrylic Care range


Commercial grade acrylic cleaner and two grades of acrylic polish to remove scratches and blemishes on acrylic, or similar surfaces and cleaning for final inspection.  

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