RGB 12/24V RF Controller 6 Amps X 3 Channels- Locked  Black series


This is a High-End RGB RF Controller that is matched to a multi-function Remote unit.  It can be used with 12/24VDC and is rated at 18 Amps (6 Amps X 3 channels at 12VDC).  Being a locked set means The RF Controller is locked to a specific control unit.

It’s powerful and reliable which means that we have never had one fail.

Be wary of the cheap clones available online from offshore traders.  There are hundreds of imitations of this RGB RF Controller marketed by ‘online’ traders with no known address, and no backup, which simply don’t perform as well as this unit does.

This is the genuine product that we have manufactured for us by our business partner.  We know its origin so that’s why we supply it with a full 3-year warranty.

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We don’t buy based on price alone, and nor should you

12 / 24 V DC

This unit has a max loading of 6 Amps per channel (3 channels) with a quality remote controller and this is a locked set.

Uses RF (radio frequency), so no line of sight is necessary to operate it.

Supplied with a 20cm tail and plug so that it can be plugged directly into a 2.1 X 5.5 X 9.0mm (standard) 12V wall adapter, and hard-wired to the RGB circuit.

Specifications: Spec sheet LED Control gear


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