LED Strips – indoor – LIGHT BOX

This is our most cost effective way of lighting an indoor lightbox (from just 4cm deep).


LEDs for Indoor Lightboxes don’t usually perform like these.  Each LED has a special lense projecting light evenly at 170 degrees, so at just 4cm away from the surface, there are no hot spots.  We supply this LED strip pre-wired.

When it comes to LEDs for Indoor Lightboxes, you should be using these.   Sold as a set of 10 strips (pre-configured to cover a square meter).  Each strip is 1M long and mounted on an aluminum PCB, but can be cut into shorter lengths or soldered to make longer ones.  We will cut/solder them to ensure that regardless of your lightbox size, the fit-out will be quick and easy.

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For lightboxes that are exposed to the elements, we recommend:

Single-sided Greater than 6cm deep: 4035W1B Single-Sided WP Module

Double-sided Greater than 15cm deep: 7030W1B Edge-lit Double-Sided Lightbox module

And of course, when we are quoting, we will also include the matched Power Supply for the load.

We don’t buy on Price, and nor should you